Investing in Hawaiʻi’s sustainable aquaculture to become self-sufficient and food secure

The Conversation continues talking about the future of aquaculture in Hawaiʻi. We heard from Molokaʻi resident Walter Ritte yesterday making a case for restoring ancient fishponds — in a nod to the past, trying to carve out a new future with a system that worked for Native Hawaiians.

Now, we talk to Hatch Blue’s Crystal Johnson who grew up around her family’s Maui seafood business. She sees the need for Hawaiʻi to invest in its future using new advances in science as we strive to become more self-sufficient and food secure.

Hatch Blue is an aquaculture accelerator, investing in sustainable aquaculture, Johnson said. In the last two years, Hatch Blue has invested in over 30 companies focused on everything from methane-reducing seaweed additives given to cattle to probiotics for fish.

This interview aired on The Conversation on Oct. 13, 2021.

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